Benefits and Advantages of SEO

Main advantages of SEO on your website:

High return on investment.

One of the main benefits of SEO is to offer a high return on investment, compared to other forms of search engine promotion such as Google Adwords. That our website appears organically in Google does not involve any cost, apart from the service of the SEO professional and the one derived from the creation of good content to position. One of the main differences between SEO and SEM is that we do not have to pay Google to appear in search results.

On the other hand, its cost is independent of the volume of traffic you get to your website. For example, if you do a campaign in Google Ad (former Google Adwords) you will pay for each click on the ad, so each person who accesses your website will have a cost, while with SEO positioning you will always have stable costs regardless of the number of users who come to your website.

In addition, words that generate a high volume of searches, usually have high bids, especially if they are business keywords, thus generating very high campaign costs, which many companies cannot maintain in the long term.

Another benefit of SEO related to its profitability is that there is no traffic or time limitation, as it happens in AdWords campaigns, since in the latter, from the moment the budget runs out or you finish the campaign period, you stop appearing in the search engines and consequently, the web will no longer receive traffic.

Long-term positioning

One of the advantages of SEO is that it is a long-term digital marketing strategy. If we manage to have a good SEO positioning, upload optimized content periodically to the web, and perform small maintenance, we will not be easily snatched from the top positions of the search engines.

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, this does not happen with Google Adwords campaigns, where once our campaign is over we stop having traffic.

Increasing targeted traffic

The first 3 search engine positions get more than 75% of the clicks and less than 10% of the users go to the second page of the search engines as users prefer to perform a new search. This data speaks for itself about how beneficial it is to appear at the top of Google.

To correctly position a web page, it is necessary to perform keyword research or keyword study, to detect all the terms that your customers use to search for your products and services. This will make your traffic quality because you will offer what your customers are looking for.

An added bonus to this SEO advantage is that users prefer organic results to paid ones. Many users do not pay attention to Google ads, skip these positions and go directly to the organic results, since anyone can bid and appear in these positions, while the organic results are the reward for a good job of positioning and are perceived by users as better quality content and more tailored to their search needs, so it generates greater confidence. If you want to find great tips and information, you may check out Web Links Broker to know more.