Space-Saving Water Softener System

Home water softeners can use up a great deal of space most standard systems are fairly cumbersome particularly the resin storage tanks. If you have a huge garage or utility room where you can house your softener you’re in good luck. Nonetheless many people don’t have space inside in addition to their washer, clothes dryer, water heater, and also various other huge home appliances. For this reason some homeowners like the idea of mounting their system outside. There are some significant challenges that you will certainly need to think about prior to you complete this.

Cold weather

Certainly if you live up north you’ll understand that it would be impossible to install your water conditioner outside nevertheless if you stay in Florida that you could be tempted to mount your water softener outside since you usually do not obtain winter. While there are means around this beware that if water ices up inside your water softener container it can cause severe damage to your conditioner. In fact there are means to mount your water conditioner outside regardless of where you live. You can develop a protected shelter over the device or bury it underground.


A water therapy system is typically a relatively long lasting piece of equipment however remaining in the setting can deteriorate your system with time. If you’re going to install your conditioner outside be sure that you get protective coverings for all the shutoff’s and any parts that will certainly be revealed to the aspects. There are systems that are cost both interior and exterior use nevertheless they are not meant to be subjected to constant sun, rainfall, ice, or snow. Ensure your water softening system has a warranty that covers outside installation prior to you decide to keep your softener system outside.


If you’re setting up a typical ion exchange water softening system, a salt-based system, you will need not only access to water yet additionally accessibility to electrical power as well as a drain line. If you are able to have access to every one of these installing your unit outside can be a great suggestion given that you can develop a small shed that would certainly house your softening unit along with residence all your bags of sodium chloride. Since salt generally can be found in 40 or 80 extra pound bags real estate them outside yet away from the aspects would be a large advantage.

Consider this

So possibly you don’t have space inside for a big softening system however you live in a really cold climate as well as installing the system outside what is it too many challenges as well there are few various other choices you might take into consideration.

A small unit could be a great option some systems are made to optimize their use area or you can just mount your water softener to make sure that it softened in your drinking water after that you could manage with a system that generated much less softened water daily. You might additionally think about a tankless system which essentially is a salt-free system days do not do precisely the same thing as a salt-based system does nevertheless if room is a big worry you may intend to check into them.

Point-of-use conditioners are also on the market now, you can get a conditioning system to go directly on your shower head too some dishwashing machines now, with integrated conditioners. However there are some disadvantages related to these choices the point-of-use systems only operate in one small area significance you could have to acquire several to get the advantages that an entire house system would offer you this may end up costing you more cash.

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