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Again no victory! Müller: “Way of playing is not right anymore”

It should be a big step out of the mini-crisis – but now Bavaria is even deeper in the mess.

1:1 against Ajax in the Champions League. Again no victory. After the 1:1 against Augsburg and the 0:2 in Berlin the third game without three players. That was the last time to say goodbye to former coach Carlo Ancelotti and interim coach Willy Sagnol a good year ago.

Thomas Müller at DAZN: “We have certainly already had a better phase at the beginning of the season, since a few games our way of playing is no longer right. But that doesn’t help now. We have to sort the bones. In football you have to look ahead, even if it wasn’t the yellow of the egg.”

Saturday against fourth-placed Gladbach, coach Niko Kovac already has real pressure to win.

The Bavarians, who play with their current top eleven, are actually in attack mode with a kick-off whistle. Ribéry has his first half-chance after one and a half minutes. Then Robben with his favourite movement – great parade from Ajax goalkeeper Onana (3.).

A minute later, the lead he deserved at this point: Robben flanks out of the semi-field, Hummels stands completely alone in the middle of the penalty area and heads in to Bayern 1-0. For Hummels (still on the bench in Berlin), the first Bayern goal in almost a year is a real liberation. This is also shown by the exuberant cheering of the national player.

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Is it also due to the World Cup trauma? The leading goal is a copy of Hummel’s header chance in the group match against South Korea. Back then, Hummels missed and the World Cup finish took its course. This time it is the first Bayern goal after more than three half times without.

Completely incomprehensible: Afterwards the record champion takes his foot off the gas, lets Ajax (surprisingly without the ex-Schalke Huntelaar) come. And the young team of former Bavarian amateur coach Erik ten Hag (2013 to 2015 in Munich) accepts the invitation.

17th minute: Tadic gets his shot completely free, but chases the ball into the clouds.

20th minute: Right-back Mazraoui storms forward. In the double pass with Tadic, he gets the ball back before Neuer and scores with his weak left foot to equalize. Because Alaba deflects with the toe of his foot, Neuer has no chance. The first profit for the 20-year-old is for the Bavarians of all people.

Kovac had warned before the game: “They have technically very good players”. A team that likes to have the ball. Right. And Bayern lacks the answer. And Bayern lacks the answer.

More than a flat Martínez shot (32.) does not occur to the Bavarians up to the break any more. Only 51% ball possession, 7:6 goal shots: This time it was not due to the “exploitation of chances” (Kovac to the mini crisis). Party Casino offers you a great all around online casino experience.

Former striker Giovane Elber in the break at “Dazn”: “We have to show them that we play at home”.

Didn’t work out in the second half either. In the 47th minute Tadic hits the ball, then Neuer holds brilliantly against the Serb (49th). The best Bavarian opportunity is shot by James (75.).

The Sieglos game against Ajax is even historic. In the last four seasons Bayern won all twelve group games in the Allianz Arena. Now the first one went right next to it.